Monday, 8 February 2016

Introduction to Biology

Hi! My name is Rita Fusitu'a. 
I am a Year 13 student currently attending Tamaki College. 
This year I take Biology as one of my options considering my future plans in University. 

The first thing that we are supposed to do in class is to talk about what we know about Diabetes.
Just to let you know that I haven't fully learnt anything about Diabetes, so I'm deeply sorry if anything I mention below is wrong.

 This is just the start of our Biology class and we had to do this.
There are two types of Diabetes that I know of. Type 1 and Type 2.
Type 1 is the type of Diabete that people are born with and have to live the rest their lives with. Type 2 is when some people just eats too much sugar, their diet is not on point, and they just eat too much, most above their forties.

That's all I know about Diabetes. I'm sure some of it is wrong but at least I tried.
Thank You for wasting your time reading this post :) 

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  1. Hi Rita - no wasted time from me reading the blog, it was useful to know that this will be the first time you learn about diabetes and glucose regulation! Also, I'm glad you changed your font as this one is much easier to read. Let the learning begin!