Monday, 14 March 2016

Biology Fun

Thank God we are still alive :)

Biology today was fun. 
We learnt new prefixes, we played games to remember those prefixes.
Here they are:
Chemo - chemicals (food)
Gravi - gravity
Hydro - water
Thermo - temperature
Thigmo - touch
Photo - light

Our teacher gave us activities to do on our own, and then we have to draw our own little animal thingy and name it ourselves. We came up with our own responses for it.

So Fiu Wazowski is a type of creature that has only one eye and it lights up every night. It loves the light.

What is the adaptive for the Fiu Wazowski ?
What is its environmental cue ?
Orientation ?


  1. Hi Rita, I am enjoying following your Bio learning on this blog. I hope that having to think about how to share what you have been learning in blog format is helping you remember it better. You are helping me understand a whole lot of terms that I never connected with back in the past!
    Mrs Burt

    1. Hi Mrs Burt, thank you for viewing my blog. I'm glad that you can understand my kind of typing, haha. Yeah, I reckon that putting up stuff into our blog sites is a big help to remember all of these mind-twisting lessons. (No offence Miss Wells) haha Anyways, hope you have an amazing and blessed year. May God bless you.