Monday, 29 February 2016

Assessment Time in Biology

Yaaay! We have started our assessment about Homeostasis already! Tuesday, typical day. The day started with a bit of a shower for nature. It's still spitting while I'm typing. Looking outside the field looks really empty without the students out there playing. Anyways, back to Biology class. So the way that our Biology teacher, Miss Wells, makes us do our assessment is that she gives 20 minutes to write or research all we can about our assessment and then after 20 minutes we have a break to either play a game or just carry on with our assessment. We just finished our break playing a random picking name and then we either win something or do something silly. By silly I mean do the chicken dance or play an imaginary sport. LOL. I stopped typing so now we just finished playing :) about general knowledge. And that's about it for Biology :) I had fun. Thank You to Miss Wells for a very productive day of learning. 

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