Sunday, 21 February 2016

Reliever Time

Today our Biology teacher was not at school, so we had a reliever. To me it's not good for my actual teacher to not be there. Because if my actual teacher is not there, I don't do my work. But I'm trying to learn independently knowing that one day I will have to learn that way in the future. So that means I didn't do any work today! SORRY Miss Wells! :(

Anyways, I'll update my blog and try to recapture what we did last Thursday. :) We also had a reliever last Thursday, but I did half of my work :)

What did we do last Thursday? Ohh right!
We had to look at pictures of students from last year going on a trip to Tongariro. Then we had read the little description Miss Wells wrote under all the pictures. After reading that we were led to a site to learn either osmoregulation or thermoregulation. I chose to learn about osmoregulation. Osmoregulation is the controlling of water content in the body. This is controlled to protect cells by avoiding too much water entering or leaving them. Water content is controlled by water loss from:

  • the lungs when we exhale
  • the skin by sweating
  • the body, in urine produced by the kidneys

Then after learning about the choice we chose, we had to complete a survey testing us to see if we actually learnt something. Also we had to do some work in our Biozone, but I didn't do it because I didn't get it so I did all the online stuff. :)


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